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He lifted me onto his shoulders. Snowboarding was actually a lot more fun than I expected. I made you a ham sandwich. Maybe you should go home. Oleg didn't have any hard evidence, but he thought Adlai was the one who stole his mother's diamond ring. Harv looked at Lori. We have some legal problems to work out. It should be hibernated! Ken walked on crutches. Far from being bored, we had a very good time.

We dreamed of Santa Claus, or if we awoke in the night, we listened for the jingling of his sleigh-bells. There's a man at the door who's asking to speak with you. I guess it's a secret. What time does the curtain fall? Traffic is a major urban problem. I thought Raymond would remember. What happened in the third inning? If we ban Chinese students from thinking, what exactly do we expect from them? Miles is too poor to marry Sir.

Jun has a drug problem. Dieter is one of the tallest guys I've ever met. They were able to live as they wanted in Massachusetts. I wouldn't worry so much about that. Your negotiation skills aren't bad. No one ever knew the true story except the three of us.

Shadow tried to stop smoking without success. Why did Link have to go missing? His hesitation made me doubt. Corporate results in Japan have improved. There were blood stains on the floor. Wow, you look different. I need to buy some land. Wes never has apologized for what he did to us. His story was published in a magazine. And she'll never walk down Lime Street anymore.

His present is a bottle of wine.

He was paralyzed by fear. Nobody appreciates me. I'm sorry to see Knapper leave. There's a gradual disappearing of the power of the British Empire. Many scientists knew him.

Why are you talking to Jennifer? I'll clean up the house before my parents come. I'll take Kerri to the zoo if you want me to.

I had him carry my bag. Raul made a promise to himself that he would never make the same mistake again. We students are now at our best.

That will let you blow off steam. She grinned toothlessly and, after a cackle, spoke, "Now your third wish. What will it be?"

I have at least ten books. The chance is gone. She played chess. You must succeed where the greatest of heroes has failed. Please find some hotel where the rates are moderate. We celebrate Mother's Day in honor of our mothers. We must work hard to promote world peace.

That's his business. I can survive alone. There is there no uniform national standard.

I'm obligated to fix this. I promise that I'll read this book. We'll take him home. I'm from another planet. James Madison hated the idea. Dan had another plan in mind. The sun has just sunk below the horizon. The award should be for me! Not the one who is right is deemed right, but the one who has more rights.

I've never read a novel in French. Isn't the weather great? The soup is cold. Peter likes to improvise on his guitar. Do you think Presley is OK? Marie, I said, do you have a father? I don't think Val killed himself.

You've got a big problem. Gill will hurt himself if he isn't careful.